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Recently a Provincial Government (Quebec) enacted a Law that required that all long in that province to be registered. There were a few other requirements like registration should the firearms be moved from the registered address for a certain number of days. Well Januraury 29th has past and as of the 30th only about 35% of the firearms were registered (side note - of the 35%, twenty five percent were preregistered by commercial sellers).

for those that don’t speak French

OPINION | Today is a special day. Unheard of in my 70 years of existence: the people refuse to respect a law passed in the National Assembly, that is on the gun registry.

By: Russel-Aurore Bouchard

The media are trying to reduce its importance

The government and the media are trying to reduce its importance by referring to the 1,600,000 long guns in the old register, but the reality is infinitely more serious. That number is actually only three-quarters of what was estimated at the time, which already gives us 2,000,000 long guns in Quebec in 2012, when the federal registry was eliminated. Add to that the weapons acquired in Quebec since 2012 by individuals, those purchased in the other provinces as well as those of the merchants and we arrive, at a minimum, at about 2,500,000 long guns in our province.

Loss of confidence in the government

A few hours before the end of the deadline, today, January 29, only about 375,000 firearms were registered, which is, in fact, about 7%. Whatever happens, the message is powerful and the consequences can be severe not for offenders, but for state institutions, police and justice. In fact, the message that emerges from all this is the following: 1- Loss of confidence in the government; 2- Loss of confidence in the police; 3- Break more and more marked between the people of the regions and the people of Montreal; 4. The people have come to understand that they have a very powerful power against a government that they consider unfair to them; 5- Beginning of a revolt against the State in the next circumstances where the people will feel aggrieved by the State;

The legitimacy of governing

In such circumstances, the government is faced with a painful choice, since it has clearly lost the legitimacy to govern: either it resigns and calls for new elections, or it opens the machine at full speed to impose a moratorium on the current law to see how it could bring the parties together.

Of these three possibilities, I have no answer. It’s up to him to decide.

And a follow up the next day

Firearms Registry: The Legitimacy of the Government?
by Russel-Aurore BouchardJanuary 30, 2019

OPINION | We deserve respect and it is by standing up and resisting the oppression of a government completely disconnected from the reality of the regions that we will succeed.

By: Russel-Aurore Bouchard

Firearms Registry

In reality, it’s less than 20%. There are more than 2 million long guns in Quebec. And other municipalities in the regions are preparing to follow suit. Let’s be proud of what we are doing. We were trampled enough! The humiliation is over.

Listening to people and regions

They wanted to listen and hear only those who wanted this register. If they had listened to the people and the regions, they would never have voted such a law. On January 29, gun owners do not have a problem. It’s the government!

The legitimacy of the government

A law that is not respected is infinitely worse for a government than no law at all. Because there is the legitimacy of the government in place that is questioned.

The bond of trust is broken

.Mr. Legault, enjoy your four years in power. We will remember it in four years, we promise you!

1,300,000 hunters and gun owners, do not forget. By then, the bond of trust with the people of the resource regions is broken.


Some of the more regressive States just need to look North


and a bit more and is a counter to why the registry was created.
For some strange reason the majority of non-gang mass shootings seemed to have happened in Quebec

I am an “angry white male” against the long gun registry

by Jessie Mc NicollJanuary 30, 2019

OPINION | Francine Pelletier, a columnist at Devoir and RDI, referred to us, opponents of the long-gun registry, as “machos” and “angry white males”.

By: Jessie Mc Nicoll

Madame Pelletier seems to have drenched herself with the half-truths of the anti-gun lobby. She explains to us, from the height of her self-esteem, that we are ignorant and despicable. She quotes spectacular numbers for supposedly proving that she is undeniably right …

The police are asking for a gun registry. Finally…

The major point of misinformation about the gun registry is its supposed effectiveness. The supporters of the registry have hammered that it was a request from the police. An essential tool for their safety, they argued.

However, in the most total media disinterest, ex-police officers co-signed an open letter from the ex-police officers against the gun registry . They explained in passing the reasons for the silence of their colleagues still active. Among the signatories are Senator Jean-Guy Dagenaisand Dominique Corneau. The latter had filed a memorial against the register in the National Assembly that elected officials refused to hear in parliamentary committee

Fewer deaths tha>nks to the federal long-gun registry?

This belief, propagated by the anti-arms lobby, is based on a single study. The latter measured a drop of 300 firearm deaths following the implementation of C-68, the current gun law. In this study, the author specifies that it is impossible to extend her conclusions to the register. Indeed, it was not applied during the period covered by its study.

Now, all anti-arms have ignored this detail. And while in Canada we had 300 fewer deaths per gun, the United States had 3,000 fewer each year. And this, for a population ten times larger than ours. So let’s make a simple rule of three and everything becomes crystal clear. Do I have to conclude that the Canadian Firearms Act has reduced the number of deaths among Americans? Obviously, one commune caused a North American variation. And the Firearms Act is not in question. Moreover, this decrease began before the implementation of the Act.

What you are not told about crimes " involving " a firearm

Refer now to the 2016 document produced by Statistics Canada. We see that less than 3% of violent crime in Canada " involves" a firearm. In total, there were “7100 victims of violent crime” involving the presence "of a firearm. "

If we continue reading, we learn that the data were collected "under the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. According to the said program, the “most dangerous weapon on the scene of the case” is calculated.

In clear terms, the weapon is present , but the thug does not necessarily use it to commit his crime. Do not take my word for it, I include the link so you can check without much effort. For example, if a thug smashes a hunter’s house for a beating, the victim’s weapon will be counted as “the most dangerous weapon on the scene of the case”. And his assault will be counted as a violent crime " involving" a firearm.

What is the relationship?

The report states that the numbers collected by Statistics Canada use a methodology that inflates statistics to suggest that gun violence is more prevalent than reality. Despite this swelling, a tiny fraction of violent crime in Canada actually involves a firearm.

No matter the numbers, all the arguments incorrectly assume the effectiveness of the long gun registry

But there is no proof that it can save a life, or a bullet wound. Just as there is no evidence to the contrary. That is, the overconfidence caused by the registry could just as easily be the cause of death. We do not know anything.

Why then put so much emphasis on the importance of the registry?

More and more pro-registry activists admit it, the long-gun registry has symbolic value. A symbol to the effect that an honest firearms owner is an insignificant figure compared to what the victims and relatives of the victims of the killings have experienced. But it increases the divide between Montreal and the regions

To consult us instead of insulting us

This is little compared to what victims have experienced. It is true. But if we agreed to consult us on the means to put in place, we could together set up measures. Measures focused on what is happening on the ground. On the risks we see, the means that could be put in place … But that would not cause a lucrative contract for IT firms …

It is possible to offer a much stronger symbol to the victims and their families. By involving honest gun owners as the best allies in the prevention of tragedies where guns are really involved. And ideas, we have some, believe me. Instead of squandering money into a symbol, we would be happy to participate in a pilot project where we would, for example, be taking a sentinel-type training in suicide prevention.

Long gun registry money dilutes resources

We could also use the five million provided for the annual turnover of the registry, and allocate it to the public servants who must check the firearms possession and acquisition licenses. A hundred thousand renewals a year would leave $ 50 more in pay for due diligence. Several people report that the officials never called their respondents. We suspect that the Bissonnette respondents probably were not … And if that had been the case, we could have saved several lives …

Because Ms. Pelletier proclaims loud and clear that mental illness has nothing to do with it. But the reality is that in all societies, year in and year out, 1% of people who commit suicide lead others to death. It is estimated that 90% of people who commit suicide are depressed. But until proven otherwise, depression is a mental illness. And the vast majority of mass murderers have a suicidal and non-homicidal profile.

Remember some facts

  • Denis Lortie, author of the massacre of the National Assembly, although he was found criminally responsible, held a frankly disjointed speech. He claimed to have a mission to protect Canada from the separatists and received Andre Arthur’s column as a personal message;

  • Marc Lépine, author of the massacre of the Polytechnic, committed suicide even before the police entered the school;

  • Valery Fabrikant, author of the Concordia slaughter, although he was found criminally responsible, was used by my professors (psychology degree) to illustrate what paranoia might be;

  • Kimveer Gill had tried to obtain psychological care (unsuccessfully) shortly before committing the Dawson slaughter and her misdeed ended in suicide;

  • Alexandre Bissonnette, author of the massacre at the Quebec City Mosque, was treated for major anxiety disorders since the age of 14, and was not evaluated at the time of his arrest. According to the information that has filtered through the media, he is still in isolation because of his suicidal risk considered high.

So I want to be discriminated against in the name of feminism. Being an “angry white male”? No trouble. Affuble me with all the names, it suits me. Anyway, I have arguments to make my point. But I will not let you interfere with my freedom for its symbolic value alone.

Want to improve gun safety? I’m in!

The gun registry?

It’s no, period!


and one further thing about this - These are FUDDs that are standing up (considering the long gun vrs handgun numbers (which are already registered nationally) on this side of the border), so for anyone south be it a fuddsicle, bang stick or BFR we are all in it together and that is what has to happen.


You have provided a wealth of information on the very disjointed arguments we are facing here in USA as the Canadiens are in serious contention pose as a smaller population. But we are in the same drift unless more become aware of the deceitful anti-gun efforts. We and our neighbors to the North, are in the same boat. Thanks for the translations, @srdiver.