Some new offerings milsurp


some thing being offered up here


Thank you for the link srdriver. The MAS-49 are sold out? Fu*k!!!


was my exact thought
funny a lot more sold out between the time I posted and now, I almost had the MAS 36/51 and the same for the two Ross Rifles but before I could complete the transaction some one else had them.


Yeah the surplus world went nuts as of late. Take the beloved K31 Swiss. A year ago you could pick one up for 275.00 USD. Now there 600-1,200 USD. It’s nuts.




It’s almost to the point that it’s hard for budget collectors to begin collecting. The prices have gone through the roof.


I bought what I liked. Their rise in $$$ made me a collector.
Granddad and Dad bought a few of the NRA magazine $29.99 cheepos in the 50’s and 60’s.
Some breaking the $1000+ value now.
Thanks to them !!!