Some Northern Happenings

Not sure if anyone down south is paying attention or even aware of the possibility of a leader of a country being charged with criminal actions (Obstruction of Justice)
It is kind of like what is/has happened with the Whitehouse but in this case they have evidence and it all started with the Attorney General being demoted to Minister of Veteran Affairs, who than resigned from the cabinet. And all stems from a Company called SNS Lavalin being investigated for charges of bribery.
And to make matters worse this is an election year.
Kind of funny Robert isn’t up on this?


I’m not at all shocked.
Our election was Trump and Hillary.
As far as choices to lead the free world we chucked it in this last election cycle.
The lesser of two evils was elected but, both are corrupt and evil human beings.
Don’t think that 2020 will be ANY better at all.
Praise your president when he does well. Hold him accountable when he does wrong.
That rule applies to ALL presidents.
If the POTUS has violated the law he should be accountable.
If he has not and is being framed he should have our support.


It all adds up to make the new world leader more attractive to the people when announced,
shouldn’t be too much longer.