Some people buy storage units.


Some get better contents than others.
Sounds fake to me, or not something you would want to deal with if you consider why anyone would keep that much in a storage unit.

But still, what would you do?


I would give it back and accept 1.2 mil. , I mean you dont have to but Its the decent thing to do.


Storage unit what storage unit I don’t know what your talking about.


I’d dismiss it as made up for TV


you have to wonder, where was the owner when the storage unit rental company was sending notices of non-payment/forfeiture pending.

how could the new owner get sufficient proof that the person claiming to be the original owner really is/was the original owner? maybe thru the rental company, maybe not. without that proof, no way would I even talk to the person or his (actual?) lawyer.

frankly, the whole story stinks (does not sound legit).


IF it was really abandoned ? I would have laughed at lawyer and hung up…probably drug money anyway. I am sure he IRS and Law would be knocking on your door once the story came out.


Once you purchased the unit, all contents are legally yours correct?

Can you say; “offshore account in the Cayman Islands?” Fresh deposit of 7.5 mil.

I’d be looking for some creative investments.

Side note: what kind of idiot puts 7.5mil in a storage locker? Assuming the story isn’t a complete made for TV fabrication as already pointed out.


Yeah, I feel this is a “Hey, you should buy storage units from me!” marketing camapign

Rest of it doesnt make any sense.


I agree. Nobody keeps $7.5 million in a storage unit and forgets to pay the rent. Who’s the attorney? Saul Goodman??? :rofl:


Saul seems like a good attorney.



All of these types of shows are scripted as hell. Believe nothing.


What’s funny is if you read the article it says that this is a story told to Dan by someone who knew someone who bought a locker at one of his auctions. It goes on to say that it was really noisy where the story was being recounted etc, etc.
I’m calling 100% pure BS with a cherry on top.