Something to share with my Southern Cousins


As I have mentioned before we are going through a serious bout of gungrabberitis and this is one of our counters and could very well be something ultilized or started state side with both a national and state version

the worse part about all this is violent crime (of which gun crime is a small subset) or violent death (and I can only really comment on my country) but basically about 1/3 of homicides are firearm related. And if you went with statistical history you stand a greater chance of being sexually assualted than die by firearm (like 20,000 sexual assaults compared to 211 firearm related homicides). But the part that tears into me for the same calender year was that there were more than 8000 sexually assaults against children (this number is seperate from the criminal sexual assault numbers)


It’s a pandemic unfortunately. Thank you for the share. We as Americans should be interested in the health, safety, and rights of our neighbors up the road. After all, if your house is temporarily painted a crazy color, some idiot next door will want to copy it.