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If anybody wants to use this - please do. Some of you have more reach than I do.

They are everywhere. Big, small, all different colors, military style. People can’t get enough. People collect them, practice with them every day, build them, restore them, and have a lot of fun using them. Yet accidents happen when people don’t pay attention – people get hurt or die. Or sometimes people with bad intentions use them to kill others or themselves. They are so easy to get. People say they need them to feed their families. Bullshit. We should take them all away. They are dangerous. It doesn’t matter that most of the people that own them are perfectly fine and responsible and have never had an accident. They all need to be confiscated. Oh no, I’m not talking about guns. I’m talking about vehicles. Far more people die from using them than guns. Yet they are still out there available to anyone with enough money to buy them. There are other means of transportation. The government should be responsible for everyone’s transportation.

That’s about as ridiculous as asking me to give up my guns is. Why punish the entire population of gun owners for a few accidents or evildoers? You wouldn’t do it for cars, why do it for guns?

The reason guns is such a fun target is they are scary. People are freaked out by them. But cars are just as dangerous. People are not freaked out by them. They are in our everyday lives. You ride in them from the time you are a baby. Then when you’re old enough, you can get one of your own. Believe it or not folks, the same is true of guns. Some people are raised up with guns around. They are no more scary to them than a car is. The people that use and work with them every day are not afraid of them any more than they are of cars.

So before you want to take them away, try to think of the real reason you want it. It is because you are afraid of them. You are afraid of something you know nothing about. That’s OK. Most people are. But don’t begrudge others who are not afraid - those who wish to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves or to engage in recreation that involves guns. Because if you really want to protect people, if you really want to avoid needless death, you’d be giving up your cars and expecting others to do the same. What? Your car is your lifeline? You can’t live without it? It makes life easier? You’re not one of those people that has accidents, or an evildoer?

Gun owners feel the same way.


Even though in the US, we have about twice as many guns as cars. Cars have about twice as many deaths due to them.

But, but, guns are only meant to kill, that’s their only purpose.

If that’s true, than guns aren’t very good at what they do.

Well, you’re stupid.


The facts speak for themselves. There are in fact a lot more car death than gun deaths per year. Because most people with guns don’t actually want to hurt anyone and live peacefully with everyone else. The people driving cars are irresponsible and crash all the time. Cars get used more than guns. Most guns don’t get used for their intended purpose. And so it’s a matter of usage amounts.

That being said, I think that there should be no restriction on cars and I think there should be no restriction on dance. I think that both should be completely free and open to use and purchase an own. I think our rights and freedoms as American citizens should be protected.


I am of the opinion that if you need a license for fishing or hunting you should CERTAINLY need one for childbearing.

Where is the largest potential for trouble?

If you are “unfit” to own a gun you definitely shouldn’t own a car or be allowed to have a child. Is that not so?



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Every summer, approximately 200 children die in swimming pools. Think about it…that is roughly equivalent to 8 Sandy Hook massacres EVERY SUMMER. Where’s the outrage? Why are they not banning swimming pools? Where’s the Everytown for Pool Safety protests? Why are big city mayors not suing the swimming pool industry? Ridiculous!



I miss Detonics too, only guy i ever seen that never and i mean never bought just one of anything. every gun he owned he had two of and he had a lot of guns. I’m thinkin him and spook were double naught spys.


IIRC he’s on the offenders list, its a lonngggg list

The list is of people who got offended by one thing or another, or person, picked up their toys and left, Its a big part of how we’re defeated as a nation so easily, no need to divide and conquer, we do it on our own, grown men behaving as children, no attempt to understand one another

“be men” , nope, tantrums instead, men in their 70’s refusing to speak to one another like grade school brats, all our enemies need to do is sit back and watch


The Chairman of washingrad decided that he said he had to take all the assault rifles away because there was going to be a time where people will shoot at each other or the government.
Sunny beach was right

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