Sometimes the good guy dosnt win

Better situational awareness mightve helped him, maybe not. This does seem like a lesson in the reality of engaging a psycopath (s) hell bent on carnage.


Man, Wal Mart is turning into Syria…no wonder they banned concealed carry :roll_eyes:


this one is easy
the moment she left the X in pursuit she was no longer acting defensibly
There is a lot more to this story, without delving to deep but I would say they are all known to each other.


Whsts your take on the first video?


tunnel vision and lack of tactical awareness once he decided to intervene. My opinion his intention was to subdue and arrest, not eliminate the threat.
in the first few seconds his attention was drawn to the male, and when he was distracted in his conversation he missed the partner entering.


I agree with the conclusions in the first video. Personally speaking, if a shooting happens while I’m at Walmart, my first instinct will be to escape and preserve my own life. Period.

That may sound cowardly, but I’m not willing to engage a shooter without full situational awareness or backup. I consider myself to be a highly experienced marksman, but I don’t have live-fire indoor CQB training.

In a nutshell, I would take a shot at the bad guy if I had cover and/or backup. Otherwise, I’m gonna run like Forrest Gump.

Just my $0.02


Don’t chase death if you don’t have too. I HAVE this training and I will still exercise the 15 meter rule unless people are in immediate danger. (if you have 15 meters of space you should get out rather than engage)
Cowardice is running from a situation you should be able to deal with, survival is making a decision based on your abilities. You aren’t a coward.


Host “I would not step into a 3rd party encounter”

As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Good video none the less. I do think that number one priority should be you and your family. But that is no excuse to not help others if your family is safe


I remember that first video. I think its so sad. Perhaps if the guy had more training, he would have done things differently, but his first instinct was obviously to help the people in the store and not run away.

The second video looks to be a personal matter between the women.


I was a HAZMAT responder many years ago, so perhaps I have a slightly different training perspective. The 1st rule of any HAZMAT response is to always secure yourself before attempting rescue. Otherwise, the rescuer becomes another victim…and puts other rescuers at risk. It’s always a difficult decision when adrenaline and human instincts are involved.


I think the man in the first video saw the woman but immediately dismissed her as being a threat (perhaps he didn’t see the gun in her hand)
It reminds me of all the post-SHTF movies I watch where women are used to get people to stop on the road to render them aid, only to have her male accomplices waiting in the bushes to attack the unsuspecting friendlies.
I worry, if SHTF, that women and children will be used like this quite a lot too.
Being a woman, I would never trust another woman and don’t fall for the helpless victim act. I’m the one yelling at the movie “DON’T STOP!! DON’T STOP!! RUN HER OVER!!!”


^ 100% this.


SteelPinger is absolutely correct. Can’t help if your dead.
No absolutes here.
Everything is a “situation”
In the “emergency” world that happens in a split second… rarely are any 2 the same

Be prepared. Train. Because you never know when YOU can be called on the be the “1st Responder”


Thought it was just open carry, I don’t recall that dumb sticker on the entrance at mine