Sonny Puzikas (mostly youtube)videos


This guy is pretty hardcore and entertaining to watch, he is an AK guy but his videos are worth watching and taking notes on.



You should have posted beyond the firearm

I have taken Sonny’s class 3 times over the past 10 yeats unfortunately he doesn’t do them anymore but his class is intense
Spetznaz training
There was a accident in one of the live fire classes a few years ago so he shut them down
Shame really he was one of the best operators I’ve ever had as a instructor
When I took his classes they were on Florida
I think he moved to Texas or Arizona


Never seen it.

I dont think there are too many other AK instructors at this guys level. Most just learned to use an AK as part of a foreign weapons training thing. This guy obviously has taken AKs to hell and actually killed alot sh** with them.


He is a amazing operator
He has his own philosophy as do most instructors
The main point being he served in the spetnaz as well as American special forces so he is equally proficient in both weapons
Used to be Yiubcouldnt take his class with a AR though
His skills with a Kalashnikov are unparalleled this is one of the reasons our team choose his class years ago
I still drill the techniques he teaches


Makes sense and him serving on both sides is pretty neat.


He came out to our studio a while back to consult. Nice guy. He seemed like he knew what he was doing, but he also has a bit of a fame “glow” around him. Some things were exaggerated slightly.

On some of the Russian forums they dont always speak nicely of the guy.


He seems to know how to run an AK.


His classes look neat ,it makes sense that he would concentrate on AK instruction though, from a buisness standpoint cornering the AK market makes sense. He would have alot of competition here in the states teaching AR15 stuff, especially when theres guys with similar backgrounds that ran the AR longer than he did such as Paul Howe, Pat Mcnamara ,Frank Proctor etc etc.


@jf89, there was a TV show way back in 2009 called Deadliest Warrior it featured Russia Spetsnaz vs Green Beret, this guy was in it representing the Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces.


This guy is very intense, he also demonstrates some of the skills he has honed as a professional warrior. All the YouTube segments tend to be an opening of the door, followed by more basis and theory of why it is necessary to have “tools” and skill sets available. Much information to ponder and reflect upon. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


He teaches muscle memory
“If you came here to learn I love you
If you don’t go home and do these things every day
You wasted your money coming here and thank you more “ Sonny puzikaz


Any of you out there in our community if you own a Akm
You owe to yourselves to watch his training and practice at home
Beyond the fire arm
Gospel of violence
These are his deal his training