Sons Of Liberty Gunworks: Citizens only lowers


Another cool lower from SOLGW , im thinking about ordering one.
(Much better then their other one with the fat rednecks , which I was not very impressed with and found in very bad taste)


5 star!


I haven’t purchased anything from the, but I have hung out with them at range days.

Cool group of guys.


I love it, just contacted them to see if I can get one in.


Their stuff is high quality and their customer service is second to none.


They are like a more redneck BCM, they are my favorite AR15 company now of days. I sent them an invite but no go lol they have a bunch of cool youtube content.


I sent them a link to this thread.




This does look pretty cool Brother.


Bad Ass!

I may need to send you some 80% for artwork :sunglasses:


Looks good :+1:


Is this one going on that Grendel build?


Yeah the build got done about 11:30 last night.


That’s sweet!


Thanks Brother!