Sony Pictures Profits from Bump-Stock Execution

The new Sony Pictures movie trailer for (((Sicario)))
shows an execution in Bump-Stock fashion!!!

Here is the link:

So it’s the same old hypocritical double standard.
They can take away our rights but make millions off ticket sales displaying the very thing we’re being deprived of!!!

I tried to get the word out, sending messages to as many gun content makers as possible.
Both my YouTube accounts were restricted and I think they will go back and remove all I have done.
I’ve contacted several pro-gun organizations through their own sites and even called Moss Pawn in GA to have them relay my alert to IV8888.
I also contacted several online gun stores, GunBroker, NRA, GOA just to name a few…

I hope you can all see where this is going…
They will now want to take away all your semi-automatic hand-guns!!
Some fool is going to go out and mimic what they saw on the big screen because it looked cool!!!

Just trying to do all I can to give us a peaceful fighting chance!!!

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Sort on a similar line of thought, youtube is profiting from violent, gory, and other movies/media “glorfying” these things along with firearms but holy sh** lets ban all of the firearm/airgun channels becauses reasons! Youtube is just another left-wing hypocritical organization to go along with everything else technology related we use online every day.


Yip, and it’s only going to get worse.

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