Spam bots Oh my.


Just wanted to let everyone know, I had an altercation with a spam bot and an upset former Subscriber/ Moderator today while going live.
Remember, Just because they own a gun, does not mean they are one of us. WE should never live in fear that just because we don’t agree with someone that they will attack us.


Those dang spam bots…


They called my Zeke Shoots number and well, if you are going to talk to me regularly on the phone and you pull a stunt like this. Do a better job of hiding your number and changing your voice. Lol


I don’t yet know this story, waiting to hear more…

but I am finding out that yes, its not the gun that unites us, unity/brotherhood exists in the heart.


Some people can’t see past “Hillary lost”


She won the popular vote though


This story is getting interesting. Not sure what is going on. But for sure one for the books. I spoke with all parties involved and it is likely one of them was hacked and that caused the resulting drama. I do feel a little special that they thought of my group of guys to pick on.


Me neither but when you feel like it please share.