Spareparts for Radom VIS 35 handgun?


I own a Polish RADOM VIS 35 pistol, and the hammer drop catch spring is broken. Any ideas as to where I can order a new one for this pistol?

Try here:

Numrich Gun Parts. I don’t know if they have parts for your VIS 35, but it’s the first place I would look.

Good luck.

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Thanks Siestatime - I already tried, unfortunately this item is out of stock, and has been for quite a while now… I welcome any other suggestions.

This the part?

Great! - Thanks six5loadout, been looking for months now…

No problem. I’ve never ordered from this site though. If you do, let us know how it goes okay?

Next problem - They don’t deliver outside the US… I live in Denmark… :frowning:

Check out:

Have you found a way to get you spring yet? If not, let me know. I think we can work this out…

Hi Siestatime,

No - unfortunately I haven’t :frowning: What do you have in mind?

Hi Siestatime,

Spoke to the company, and they don’t have an export permit, but suggested I got someone in the U.S. to buy it and then have it mailed to Denmark… Would you be able to help on this matter?

I made one out of music wire some time ago.
Worked just fine. I think I posted a video on it on Youtube.

Hi Mosinvirus.

You did post a video on making one, and I wrote to you on your Youtube channel, but no reply :wink: I tried to make one myself, but could only get my hands on 0,8mm piano wire, and it didn’t work out… ( also I don’t have the tools you use in your video ) You said in your video to get in contact with you if someone was interested in a spring, then you would perhaps make a few ekstra…? Well I guess I would really appreciate buying one or perhaps to from you, since I’ve had no luck finding it elsewere :slight_smile:

I try to reply to everyone. Sorry if I missed your comment.
I actually sold my VIS 35. I can try and make them based on video footage and the picture above.

If I can make a few, I will write back.

Hi Mosinvirus,

I know you get a lot of replies on your videos - that’s because people enjoy your work :slight_smile: It would be greatly appreciated if you can make me a few of these, since all other attempts has failed so far…

Best regards,


The thickest music wire I have is .029" or .735mm or so.

The only dimension I was able to see out of my video was the 6mm diameter of the ring. So the rest of dimensions I “eyed”.

Do you want these?

Hi Mosinvirus - sorry I didn’t reply earlier-- Thought you might have forgotten :wink: Yes I would very much like to buy these from you - getting my ViS 35 in working action :slight_smile:


I think I tossed them already. I will see about making new ones.