Special guest Mishaco 2/23/19

This Saturday, Glockshooter79 and I might have on a very special guest.
Also. Thursday, we will be talking about pasta and super heroes as that seems to be all people want from a gun stream these days. At least that’s what the emails say! Lol.
Anyways. Great topics for Thursday as well. It might become a multi parter.


Tomorrow’s special guest will be none other than Mishaco! I am sure most all of you have heard of him. He has a great deal of knowledge about firearms and we will be hanging out with him tomorrow evening. Get your questions ready. We will be discussing AK74’s American AK’s and some of the fads that have come and gone in the last few years. https://youtu.be/S7GW5ZwFU7E


Now that I’m going to have to take the time to watch!


I am very bummed out that YouTube insisted on screwing with the stream, as did the weather, but we stuck it out anyways. Sit back and enjoy some AK discussion that is worthy of appreciation.

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