Speciality Shotgun Rounds videos


I’m planning on doing some videos on specialty shotgun rounds. The list of rounds I’m looking at getting is below. Any suggestions for other rounds or targets you’d like to see them shot at?
Right now I’m thinking a shorter separate video for each round rather than trying to create a single (or two) long videos that make sense.

Less lethal rounds
Rubber slug
Plastic shot

targets for less than lethal
ballistics gel
3/8" plywood?

Other specialty rounds
Dragon’s Breath
Bolo rounds,
Flash Bang


Dragons breath rounds are fun range rounds
But not practical for every day defense just my .02


For targets, have you seen the Paul Harrel analogs? He takes a bag of oranges, puts some racks of ribs in front, and puts some clothing in front of that. You could even get some of those shock sensors to put in different places to determine the lethality of whatever you’re shooting at it. Just ideas.


Yeah, Dragons breath rounds are included mostly because I want to play with them.


I have seen his analogs and I really like how effective they seem to be. My only concern is the cost if I have to shoot videos over several days either because of weather or my day job. Right now I’m thinking of a latex balloon stretched out to simulate skin in front of a block of clay with a 1/4" piece of plywood behind it. Balloons and plywood are cheap and I can reuse the rig.


Sheetrock for targets?


I love cut shells
It’s lkke a lost art


I’ve always wanted to play with shotgun rounds, but never got around to it.


First batch of specialty rounds have been ordered. I’m going to start with the Dragon’s Breath, Bolo, Flash Bang, and Flechette rounds. I’m definitely going to have to do the shooting at the mirror in slow motion thing for these rounds.


I don’t know if these are considered specialty or not.


Those could be fun, thanks for the suggestion. I really need to get set up to reload shotgun shells then I can use my 3D printing and mold making skills to do some really weird stuff. Not going to happen any time soon though.


The first video on this series, Dragon’s Breath, is now up. I also shot videos on ball and chain, flash bangs, and flechette rounds that will be coming out soon. https://www.full30.com/video/ac3d1576b4023f76327c4e2685c697ac


gordoboom Great first vid, that mirror shot was awesome!


It would be a neat addition to Independence day fireworks.