Spectre Supply liquidating 80% 1911 frames on Gunbroker

They won’t be selling them anymore once (if) the new ATF rules go into effect. They aren’t an FFL and won’t become one.


Almost… so many emails coming in on these, sad


Bough a lot of frames and a few slides from Spectre over the last couple years, some are perfect, all usable, issues include VIS overcut, bowtie bevel excessive which means plan on a Nowlin or CPL barrel ramp cut. My slabside is one of his frames, bought 3 of them a while back. These were in the perfect category.
Also a couple 308 and 556 barrels. Good seller.


I agree completely. You have to know what you’re looking at when buying. Some don’t have grip screw holes, some lack ejector holes, some don’t have feed ramps cut, etc. These details are important for those of us that do not have a mill. Otherwise, my experience with these frames and the seller has been great.


Yep. Here is one without ramp or VIS. need a mill and some specialty cutters for something like this.

Here is great piece for a great price. I’m tempted even though I have so many slides and frames lined up already I’d never get to it! I hope someone buys it before I take it out of circulation.