Speed loaders. What do you think about?


Hello, community. Just found an interesting photo in sootch00`s Insta profile.

There are a lot of speed loaders on the picture.
I wonder, do you use “speed loaders” at a gun range or at home the day before?
As for me, I use Podavach loader (the green one) for loading mags.


I have many loaders, lots and lots. Most are more of a pain than worth the time. I have a simple one for at the range.

This one is nice with rounds in holder, like when you open a box and it has a little stand.

I like this loader best for stripper clips, but I can’t remember who makes it.

I made this one, but in the end, I could load other ways easier and faster.


Yeah, I watched your review of ETS loader. :slightly_smiling_face:
But for me, Podavach is the best option. I can load 30 rounds in 15sec. It would be interesting to make a compare video to find out which of them is fastest, and the most efficient.


I’d be happy to do that of you wish to send one. I’ll add it to the AR promotion project were doing to help drive more traffic your way.


I use a uplula for my pistols and a ar and Ak mag-pump for those rifles. Last range visit was last weekend, loaded 13 ar 15 mags to full capacity in 11 minutes. You can load 1 round a second, but takes time in boxing ammo.


Sootch00 had a couple videos on speed loaders and there was one that I really liked but cannot remember which one it is. I’m sure he still has it on his channel.


I have an Uplula one for my pistols. It will change your life. Saves you a lot of time and wear and tear on your thumbs. You can use it all day long at the range.



I have one like that as well, it sits in my range bag. For 9mm, I use one of these, simple and fast.


We are new to shooting and just have 9mm handguns. We love the Uplula! We just have one and really need to get another :grinning:


I think I hopped on the wrong bus.


Ironically enough that is what I had in mind the first time I read this post.


“Minority”? Who wouldve thought good taste was out of style.


I’ve got several as I have several revolvers. I wouldn’t call them speed loaders though. I think there’s one called speed beez or something like that. Those would be nice but they run a bit on the pricey side.


toss moon clips and speed strips into the mix.


@Stumpkiller, I like the grips on your revolver are they desert Ironwood?


@switchpod, @Bill_the_Butcher, Uplula multi caliber :+1::+1:


I just got one of these, and I can already see it’s going to save my hands big time.


Oh your going to love that little gadget!


@switchpod, I do enjoy it I’ve been using mine since 2016 or so, not new to me they’re so popular they’re being counterfeited!


I have dozens of different loaders for handguns, I get sent a lot of them. But that is the one I have in my range bag, it works the best, IMO.