Spike’s Tactical Spartan helmet lower




I like that!


Only 349.00 stripped


The perfect lower for a 300 blackout build


Good idea TR.


Kind of cheesy, I like a cool rollmark but this reminds me of those guys that wear tapout shirts with skateboarding shoes. Spikes has became the flat billed hats of the AR world, imo.


Extra cheese for me

I like the middle one best


I dont like billet lowers. I like getting my money worth and a forged lower does that. Battle Arms Development is the exception, super sexy rifles.


Those are awesome. If they ever do a Calico Jack like that I’ll want it badly.


The Calico jack is pretty badass , so is their lower with no rollmark. Spikes uses a nice finish.


I like mine.


The skull looks awesome!


TR that’s awesome.


That would be the sheeeeziiit – like the 24 inch spinners on a shitbox chevy.


Does it come with the red eye like that?


A devil one with horns would be prrtty cool but I could never take it seriously.



That yours?


No, I put that there, was just playing around with pictures.


It looks good!