Sport shooting is for everyone


You don’t have to be young and fast to join the shooting sports. I put this video together to show many experience and age levels. Even have some safety violations.


Beware of them fast young run 'n gunners.
As a range officer, I’ve had them try to shoot me all kinds of ways.


I had a mall ninja at the range pop a round off by accident and it barely missed my head. The guy was decked out with a tactical vest, boots, gloves etc and was doing pull ups, and push ups between shooting then started doing tactical rolls and popped the round off :grimacing:


It’s crap like that that makes me glad I’m a RSO. Pack your crap and leave.


He should have been kicked out of the range as soon as that happened.

I don’t mind the pull ups and push ups - that’s a great way to elevate your heart rate for some valuable training.

A roll though? WTF?


If he would have spiked a bullet… that would that have been acceptable? :thinking:

No, I am not advocating showboating in shooting sports. Do your thing and get off the line and score your targets with the RO.


It was him dropping to a knee then rolling foreward and trying to speed shoot. The guy was a goober. I feel like blaming gecko45 for this but people are just getting dumber by the day whether guns are involved or not.


I was pretty pissed and left


He wasn’t a tactical guy. Real tactical guys understand tactics and what works and doesn’t work in the real world.

That guy was a pure fantasy world guy. He got his knowledge from crappy 80s movie gun fights and tried to act it out in the real world and almost killed people for it.


That guy was a mall ninja. Ive taken quite a few carbine and pistol courses and that guy wouldve probably got himself booted from most of them.


Good for you. Our sport doesn’t need people who act like a jack ass.