Sportsmen Have Spoken And Wall Street Is Beginning To Listen


Another article about anti-gun retailers:


My not shopping at Dick’s will make no difference to them. I did not shop there before. That said, I will not step foot in one of them.


Neither did I. But wouldn’t it be a hoot to see them go under because of this? It would make a big statement about how Americans feel about the Second Amendment and that statement would be heard and felt by Wall Street. THAT should prove to be interesting.


Before all of this started my Wife who runs half marathons and I went to a Dicks in Lake Ozark Missouri to look at running shoes which cost $150 to $180 a pair. We found that she could buy them from a local shop cheaper and get alot better service. So we will never go back to Dicks for any reason.


Yeah, well, dicks can you know…suck themselves.

Hopefully this is the end of their shi77y, overpriced business…along with yeti coolers.


Never before has a store been so aptly named, they’ve only proven what they truly are.


Cory Booker and oblowzo still LOVE Dicks.

They took a good hit from my family. We hunt, fish, camp, shoot, ski, hockey, marathons and bicycling
We’re an outdoor family. They lost $1000’s of future business from us.