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I looked around in the forums and noticed I didn’t see any topics related specifically toward sharing pictures of firearms that have been spray painted. I have used Krylon and Rust-Oleum on several firearms for camo reasons but I’m fond of the way they turned out and would like to see others. I also like the fact its easy to remove and change up.

_Lets share our pictures _


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Newbie from Bayou Country

Experiments with an uban pattern:


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I’ve been “practicing” painting by using my kid’s Nerf guns. I’m kind of a perfectionist and haven’t worked up the courage to take a rattle can to a rifle that costs more than $49.99 yet. Have been experimenting with various ‘masking surfaces’ such as laundry bags, cord, hockey nets, etc. But, bask in the greatness that is Nerf camo…

NOTE: Some of the paintjobs have notable blemishes, skuffs, etc. …that’s because I was too impatient and flipped things over before they were dry, etc.


Badass nerf guns!


When I told the kids I was going to ‘camo paint’ their Nerf guns they were all, “Meh.” Once they saw them after they were all “YEAH!” It’s all part of my “measure twice, cut once” methodology. I’m going to work out the technique, color scheme, exact paint used (I must have about 40 different cans of paint, various but similar tones).


Krylon satin italian olive on the furniture


These mags were sprayed with a few different shades of green then scuffed up for a “battle worn” look


Ammo boxes too


Nice job!


Never know what you’ll find at the gun shop. The guy said it was an EE-3? Haven’t shot it yet, but can’t wait.

Not even sure what country it’s from.


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I really want some of those Nerf guns done in a Borderlands theme. :slight_smile:


Alum Hyde II FDE Sig 522 SBR


You do these yourself?