Spray Painted Firearms / Share your Pictures


You got a problem, yo I’ll solve it.


Welcome @Gaturday_Night_Fever
Glad you’re here! Nice pic! Please proceed to the introductions & tell use a little about yourself.


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How does that stuff hold up?


I’ll add one of my favorites to the mix


Good to have you back in the forum!


My rust-oleum Remington AAC-SD.


MK18 MOD0 clone.

See a write up of the build here


There’s some damn good paint jobs in here!



Wish I could airbrush. I wanna paint my PS90 when I get it.


How guns look after using pieces of sponge to apply more paint over what was already there (see above). Just spray the sponge, then daub onto gun. Gives good contrast and easy to control.


Thats a good looking rifle. I really like that paint job.


Thank you Brother!


Do you think this method could simulate rust?


Good idea!


Sure! I’d suggest using one or more of the “textured” spray paints. They seem increasingly common/available. Would be great for a wasteland look.


My thoughts exactly.


Lmao to the Gold Hi Point. Thats pretty funny. Cool Guns