Springfield 1911 sights

While shooting my new to me Range Officer 1911 I racked the slide and racked my hand up. I drew blood. The rear sight sticks out to the sides with sharp edges.

What the heck is with that??? :grimacing: I can not rack my slide without the sight cutting into my hand. I don’t understand how they can sell them like that. They must test these.
I’m not sure what to do about it. I could get a replacement sight but I think I may grind mine down. It’s a adjustable sight so I don’t want to affect it’s functionality. It’s parkerized so I’d have to paint it. Dawson Precision makes an adjustable sight. They had the forethought to design it so it wouldn’t cut up your hand.


I think the rear sight on my Milspec is like that, too. I’ve racked it a few times while dry firing but haven’t cut my hand on it. Those Dawson sights look nice.


You could lightly sand the edges of the sight and that would round out the shaper edges


I think I’d like to grind, especially the corners. I don’t see why this sight is so wide.
rear OEM sight (4) (Small)