Springfield XD-E Compact/Subcompact


So I finally got enough money saved up and had two of my buds come with me down to the local gun shop so i could bounce thoughts of the different hand guns that i handled off of them. The two guys i brought with me are very knowledgeable. After handling between 6-10 different hand guns I settled on the Springfield Armory XD-E Compact/Subcompact 9mm. To date I’ve owned this handgun for 3 weeks and I’ve put 100 rounds through it without any negatives, (ejecting/feeding issues etc. etc.). Has anyone else had the chance to try this pistol out and if so what are your thoughts on it? Also I was curious if there is a video that Hickok may have done that i missed on this particular pistol?


Ya I have, just didn’t like the trigger. The pistol shoots great. My favorite is the xd mod 2 3 inch barrel.


Only thing I don’t like about it is that SA went with a DA/SA action instead of a fully DAO action. I prefer consistent trigger pulls on my guns. Other than that, it’s a good gun.


My Daughter got me an XD-E for Christmas after i had looked at one at our local gun shop.
I really love this gun.
The hammer fired design was a big selling point for me, along with the single/double action.
Being able to activate the thumb safety from both sides as well as the magazine release from either side is just great in my opinion.
So far it will feed, fire and eject any ammo i have run through it.
Pretty accurate i think.


Just got back today from the range after my first time with my XDE. I am very happy with the gun and have put it into my edc. I will go back to my Walther PPSM2 now and again. Still some getting used to but not a lot.


The XD-E is an excellent firearm for individuals with weak hands or arthritic hand problems. The hammer can be cocked in one motion to allow the slide to be more easily ‘racked’ and to place the firearm in S/A mode reducing the trigger pull to about 4.5 lbs. It is small enough to conceal easily and yet large enough to acquire a proper grip, My wife likes this pistol, but occasionally she has some shooting fun with my SIG P 220. God bless and carry on.


I had one, but I didn’t like the shape or position of the trigger. It feels like it’s out of place?? Also, I don’t care for the very lite slide recoil spring…it felt to light. I’ll stick with my Shields.


Not every gun fits everybody nor are they liked by everybody. And that goes for the Shield. Have looked at them a couple of times and am not interested. I have gone to the Walther PPS M2 and also now have the XDE. Love both and when reviewed by others seem to be liked better than the Shield. But to each his own.