Springfield XD-M 10mm

Last week we got this sweet 10mm XD-M from Springfield Armory. Took it to the range and it shoots like a dream. This is my second 10mm, a third is on the way.

So far I’ve shot eight different loads with it, all function great. But what really impressed me was this crazy ammo from Liberty Ammunition. They claim 2400fps on the box, and they ain’t kidding either. I clocked this, and that’s from a 4.5" barrel.

Unlike the other loads, this one is a bit sharp, kind of like a .40. Also makes an impressive fireball.

Several articles are in the works now. Just sent in a large article to the armory life I was informed my first article there will be next week or so. I’ll be sure to post it up.

If you haven’t already been to my blog, check it out at USgunBlog.com I’ll be posting up some new articles soon


Holy FPS Batman. I bet none of that 60gr pill will be leftover once it enters tissue/bone.

I may have to shoot it back to back with the 9x25 Dillon.

Oh and I’m a fan of the XD in .40 S&W so I know I’d like the 10mm.