Springfield XD9 better WATCH OUT!

This probably the first video EVER of the BRG-USA BRG9 here on FULL30 and might be the first full length video of the BRG9 on larger platfroms. This handgun was introduced to the world during the SHOT Show 2022 range day. Since it looks an awful lot like a Springfield XD, I deced to do the first video comparing some of the features to see how similar it actually is.


I loved all three of my XDs. One a tactical modes, one an XDS, and one a sub compact. To me, none of the differences you showed were significant enough for me to want to change over, if I still had them. Although, I would have lost less dollar value if I had lost the BRG in that tragic boating accident instead of the XDs. You didn’t show a comparison of the targets after the range time. How did they compare?


have not compared them as far as function and accuracy… it was already a 17 minute video which is way too long in my opinion. more to come for sure. just some spoilers, because i do have a little time on them, pretty much the same, neither one really shines over the other too much… so ultimately price point will dictate the choice for most unless they are just looking for the brand name and want to pay for it


Looking forward to it. I have friends that are looking for a good cheap pistol.