squat rack ?

I am looking into a squat rack for later on this years black friday, thinking about a rouge sml-2c whats the price on one of these bad boys normally with shipping,
this will be for a home gym, i currently use adjustable dumbbells for squats and i use a board and two five gallon buckets as a bench.

any advice will help.



Also check facebook marketplace before you buy one at full price.


Rogue makes some really nice stuff…But it is way over priced due to being way over built for the average home gym in my opinion. Also, do you really need a squat rack rated for 1/2 a ton? That thing is designed to be beat on by meatheads and @$$holes in a commercial gym. A York 2800 is rated for over 500lb, comes with a lat pull down rig and is less than half the cost. A Fray FHG2 cage is rated for 600lb on the pins and 800 on the safeties, is more versatile than a simple rack and costs about 30% less than the Rogue. The money you save can buy you a nice FID bench.

I had a Marcy PM-3800 ‘half’ cage in my old apartment and feel it was more than enough for a home gym. I looked at the Rogue setups because they were all the rage but couldn’t justify them. Unless you have a full set of bumper plates and workout in your garage, do you really want to be lifting so much that you may have to drop it??? Even dropping it onto the safeties will put a toll on both the rack and the floor it is sitting on.