Stand your ground has a different meaning up here.


Nice blanket!

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Impressive video
Pretty sure he will load slugs the next time


Man that was intense! Check the classifieds for a faulty guard dog free to a good home though lol


story picked up by


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I say, “so what?”

It was birdshot. Might as well have been rocksalt to that behemoth. In my profession I see dirtbags hit in the face with Walmart #8 target loads ALL THE TIME.

Other than making some celestial X-rays, they don’t do much beyond point blank range. The shot doesn’t have the weight to penetrate even an inch of depth. I’ve even seen guys pick BB’s from the surface of their skin while sitting in the ER waiting room.

The error in this isn’t the action, it’s the publicity. Why are people putting their personal lives out there for the public to judge. This is a generational fault, that ALL ages are guilty of. Shooting a charging bear is commonplace in a lot of regions. The difference is that we used to have to wait to read about it in the rear of a North American Hunter magazine.