Star BM9 owners


Who owns one and do you like it


Here is my newest Star BM9


I own a star super model B. It works awesome and I have had zero problems with it.


I’ve shot several of them but I have yet to buy one I have several 1911’s in 9mm


As well all know it’s a browning based design
The only issue I have with it is the trigger tilts instead of sliding to the sear
But that being said I do enjoy them a lot and have almost purchased one a few times


I have seen and worked on a group of these. Insides are rather intuitive, so clean-up is not too difficult, and it’s fun to shoot.


I own four… got a little carried away with them


I really intend to buy one I just have so many pistols


I had a Model B in my wish list at Classic and by the time I got back to it they were all gone … bleh


That sucks. That has happened to me on a few occasions as well Brother. I look at it like this, it keeps me on the hunt for a good deal.


Not a bad problem to have!


You can’t have too many pistols in my opinion … I have 10 - 9mm’s now and quite a few other cal’s as well I’m addicted


What price are they there?
Buds has some for a decent price.


Last I saw they were 220-230


Gun Broker has a few vendors Robertson Trading Post, Guns and Arrows , and I am sure others as well


We have a few at the shop but there not in great shape and I have enough projects at the house already
I have 2 1911 frames that I’m going to build once the winter sets in


The first one I bought was $199.99 + shipping Classic
2nd I got flash-sale $149.99 + ship CF
3rd from Centerfire Systems a hand select $220
4th from J&G sales (the one I have pictured) listed as VERY GOOD $239.99 + ship


You could donate one or two to me and then you wouldn’t have too many :grin:


You have good jokes today lmao


I love mine so much it’s unhealthy. I’ll be buried with it as a matter of fact. If I had more money I’d start buying them by the dozen.

I was able to get one from J&G, hand select for best quality mfg in my birth year (by request). I plan on buying at least two maybe three more. One in my wife’s birth year for her (she also LOVES it) and another mfg in 1976 with very worn bluing/holster wear so I can cerakote it. The last as a parts gun.

Next to a wartime 1911 it’s my favorite steel frame pistol. It shoots bloody accurate and mine is very reliable. Best $250 all in including FFL fee I’ve ever spent. I’m contemplating buying another for myself here shortly. I would highly recommend one of these for newer shooters who graduate from a .22 or .380. It’s cheap and durable with excellent recoil controllability. Plus, buy one now because in a decade they will be worth something. A win all around.

Oh and I got the original cardboard box with mine, but not matching # to my pistol. :frowning: