Star BM9 owners


The trigger is rather excellent brother. Don’t let the fact that it pivots take anything away. They are cheap right now, go get one! You’ll love it.


I bought mine last April for $230 from my LGS, after seeing several reviews. All I have to say is, I absolutely love it! It is very accurate, smooth action, very manageable recoil, and feels good in the hand. Now, if I could only find a spare magazine or two for it.


Awesome! What year did you get? These are pretty accurate which is what most people said. I did manage to snag an extra mag before they dried up. Now they are out of stock everywhere. :neutral_face:


Mine was made in 1977.


I did find a Star Super B at Robertson Trading Post (Gun Broker) $269 one magazine no box, or manual very good condition. Found 2 spare mags about $50 each.
Really like it have to get the camera out and post a few pictures
I have seen some BM 9’s at J&G for $150 they are calling them gun-smith specials


Oh I’m interested in “gun smith” specials. :cowboy_hat_face:

My next Star should really be a Super B. Those are so beautiful. And yes pictures please. LOL


Summit gun broker has them for $189 as of last week . Just checked they still have them they come with the box ,cleaning rod and one mag.


That’s awesome Brother! I’m glad you snagged one up!

Pictures you say? Yes please!


Star BM, 9mm Luger, Compact Semi Auto Pistol, Gunsmith Special, Blued, Used.
Star Model BM semi auto pistol in 9mm Luger (9x19) in need of repair.
Commonly a Spanish police and military issue pistol, the Star Bonifacio Echeverria modelo BM features a 4" barrel, blued finish, dovetailed rear sight, fixed front sight, black plastic checkered grip panels, compact all steel 1911 Commander style slide and frame, manual safety lever, solid trigger, and checkered spur hammer. Includes one 8rd magazine, and a box (cardboard or plastic). May or may not have a manual or cleaning rod. Blued finish may be arsenal refurbished with police marking removed. These are in Good condition but are in need of repair and will be missing small parts such as firing pin, extractor, and slide stop, or have safety, hammer, trigger and other controls that do not function. The bluing will show several areas of wear and patina, and the bore shows service wear and may be frosted. Not C&R, but nice historical pistols! See below for beautiful wood replacement grips. Sold As-IS no returns.
Choose from menu above to add one spare magazine (+$19.95), or to add a pair of wood grips (+$29.95)
J&G Sales
There you go


I saw that. Finding parts may become difficult once these surplus pistols are gone. :frowning:


3 Star 9mm BM9 BK BKM Factory Magazines $39 each
robertsontradingpost (Gun Broker)
as of 3:45 pm Colorado time they still had 6 left
I did not know they were getting so high.


$40 each? Ouch! I paid $20 for my extra one.


Just picked up two gunsmith specials from J&G…a 77 and a 79 here they are:

I’m up in Prescott right now, so I got the opportunity to go in and go through a few of them to pick out a couple that didn’t seem too bad.

I believe I’ve aleady got them repaired, but won’t know for sure until I get to shoot them.
If they’re gtg then I will consider it a score…if they’re too far gone, I’ll just part them out.


Double check the firing pins!! They’re brittle. Haha.


Thankfully that’s one part that’s still readily available!


Perhaps I need to horde some?? Any other part you recommend me get?


If you intend on keeping one of these for the long haul, I’d pick up anything you can find and store it away. They’re not making them anymore and the parts will only get more scarce and more expensive…pick them up while you can.
Another (cheaper) option would be to buy an entire parts gun and use it as needed. If you get one of those $149 gunsmith specials, you will end up with a wealth of spare parts (and an extra mag) for much cheaper than buying them all separately.


I plan on buying at least a few of the most common breakable parts. In fact I may buy everything but the frame in multiples. I just don’t feel like dealing with an FFL and paying the fee. :wink: I do want at least this one I have now to last as long as I am alive. Hopefully I can buy my wife one at some point if I ever get a bonus again at work. :frowning:


I hear you on all accounts…I really dislike dealing with the whole FFL shipping deal.
There are a few sources for parts out there, it’s always hard to guess what might break or wear out.