Starlink - Redneck meets high tech... or so I am told

Your arms must be getting tired😫


Your right, I Live in the mountainous of Tennessee places that even law enforcement and rangers wont tread.


the rumor mill will start now

ok I started it :crazy_face:


I’m rockin’ 2.73 Mbps (yes, two point seven three) out here in West Bughole NY. Dish and Frontier Cellular.


We don’t need law enforcement. We’ll take care of it ourselves🤫


Is the data unlimited for that price? Do you ever get throttled?


There are no caps on the data. But this is still the Beta so who knows what is in store when it is “released”. Looking at some of the engineering that has been released, I don think they are going to put caps on though.

Instead of traditional sat Internet, they will eventually be beaming from sat to sat. Traditional sat Internet goes earth to sat to earth. When the constellation is built out (still needs over 3000 more sats to be launched). They will go earth to sat to sat to ground. For instance, if I make a connection to Europe, it will go earth and bounce between sats until it gets over there and then back to earth. Communications will be through lasers between the sats and happen at the speed of light.

It is a really interesting concept. Sorry to geek out on you.

I haven’t seen a slow down, but speeds do vary depending on how many sats are overhead at that time. Lowest speed I have seen is 50 down and 4 up. And that is definitely the minority of the time that I do speed tests (maybe 1 out of 20).

It was running slow this morning at 115 down and 6 up😯


Seems its deserved, I’ve been real surprised who knows of this, people that don’t even need it seem to :drooling_face: , I only know of it as my neighbor was trying to help me with my BS ISP

He has the same tower as I but direct from AT&T

He runs about 40mb down @ about 50 per month, they list it on their site for 60

I use a contractor who subs from AT&T and I’ve tried repeated to sign up direct
nothing but BS & lies for my efforts, strung along, tickets closed, new ones opened,
they say its not available on one day, green lit by engineering the next,ticket closed what are you talking about the next and always I have to endure its not available in your area first by address, which is new, so I explain that, that my neighbors have it, that I’m on it now


Just got a bill today

and this is a good time of day to be on


past dinner I usually can’t even open slack :facepalm:

watch a full30 video :rofl:


Yikes better stop whining

but this is the part I like


Payment Due By February 11, 2021.

Amount Due:$22.99[View Bill Details ]

Make a Payment


so you are saying you are a slacker after dinner :rofl:


Yea… I wouldn’t complain if I were you.


Yeah you think, thought we was going to have too send out a search party. :smiley:


I applied last month. Haven’t gotten my invitation yet.

I live in a place surrounded by trees. We have an opening around the house. Sounds like I need a pole mount. Is that a special deal? Or would a galvanized steel pipe work? How does it mount?

We have HughesNet, which sucks. When it gets cold(below 10 degrees), we lose internet altogether. Can’t really tell the difference from being throttled or not when it is working. And we’re paying through the nose for this wonderful service. :rage:


He doesn’t wear slacks after dinner


We signed up for this as well, but haven’t heard anything.

Do they simply ship the stuff to you and you go fishing for satellites or do they do some initial setup?

Price is high but HughesNet sucks.


Yea, been a crazy year for my day job. I miss hanging out on the forum. So much fun to be had here being a smart a$$


you can download the starlink app on your phone and it will use GPS and your camera. This will allow you to see exactly what is going to be in your way.

It comes with the standard tripod mount. I got a pole mount (just showed up today). The pole mount fits at the top of the junction pole like it was almost designed to do so.

I just sunk an 8’ chainlink junction pole in a bucket with 100 lbs of cement in my garage (too cold to do outside and the ground is frozen). The dish will sit up on that as my semi perm mount and I will sink the bucket in the ground in the spring thaw.

As for cold temps… I was in the single digits this morning and had a solid connection. If you have multiple email accounts… sign them all up for the beta. You may never know, one may get chosen. I know that they are looking at a certain band of land and if you fall in that, they have you on priority. I think it is roughly Wyoming/Montana border and north to a certain point in Canada.

I hope you get it. This thing has been really cool so far. I plan on canceling my other provider on Monday.

Fyi. I am uploading a 2 gig video to my YouTube channel now and it says it will be there in about an hour. Normally that would take just about all night with my other provider.


I don’t wear slacks all day… Advantages of working from home.

Every once and a while I wear a robe and no shirt on Zoom meetings just to screw with people.

I made a spoof video that pissed off our marketing department but our board and CEO absolutely loved it.


When you are selected, you get an email telling you that you have so long to accept the offer. You then pay for your “install kit”.

It is a self install but the directions are literally 3 pictures. If I can find it I will post it. Make sure your dish is mounted (even if it is temp) before you plug it in. When you plug it into the power brick in your house, in 15 minutes the dish will pick up the sats and align it’s self. Yea, you read that right… it will align its self. There are motors in the dish.

If you can drill a hole in your house, feed a cable through and fill it in with spray foam or caulk… you can install this thing.


Well that’s way cool.

Well we’re on the wrong border. Idaho/Montana but way north. So fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers: