Start Inviting those with Reloading Channels


I highly suggest you guys invite people like AmmoSmith, and the others that help new reloaders get started. Let’s get anyone involved in any aspect of guns and ammo, moved here. Then, we can totally dump YT


I would also suggest Gunblue490 be added to the invite list, He is very articulate and provides excellent information about reloading and other gun related subjects. He can get a little windy, but he provides detailed, solid information,


I just talked to UR (ultimate reloader), he tried to add content and they won’t respond. Shame…


Ultimate reloader along with Johnny’s Reloading Bench and Elvis Ammo would be awesome.
Gavin does great reviews on the presses and other reloading equipment. Johnny does awesome work to help pick a starting point for bullet, powder and primer to use for different calbers. Elvis does the casting and powder coating end, he even tested casting with zinc and made it work.