Started a new project today


This set needed to be refinished so I set to working on it today
Was thinking of duplicating the limited edition border guard color


That’s gorgeous!


Very limited color
Legion USA had them for a lil while
They were running 300 for a set
I was thinking of giving it a go


That looks nice, you should be proud.


Oh I haven’t started staining yet but that’s the color I’m thinking


I try to do all my own wood work when I can or when a customer wants something nicer than what’s out there on the market
Lots of times I’ll tell them to buy a shittt set of furniture and I just redo them


Here’s another set of psl furniture

And finished


No shovel build in the works yet?


No we build from real flats
And kits are exspensive these days


Well the furniture looks nice on this build. What kid of AK is it going on?


Saiga 7.62


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True story
There running around 6-800 not even converted


Beautiful work


It’s a labor of love
But worth it in the end


The importation ban has really made the price of them go through the roof
Witch in turn drove up the price of all other country’s akm
The Ar market price drop came from panic buying and the manufacturers cranking them out
The bigger companies were also forced to compete with company’s like psa who offer a slew of affordable rifles




Interesting color for sure. Please show a step by step if possible.


You know I’ve thought about it
I just start putteringbaround in the shop and forget to take photos and stuff
I’ll make a attempt at it for sure @Mosinvirus


I know exactly what you mean.