State internet sales tax


My state (Arkansas) is about to pass a internet sales tax :rage: To my understanding, it will require dealers out of state to send a notice each March of who bought what, and how much a person spent, to the DFA so a tax can be charged to that person. Failure to do so will cost the seller either a $5 or $10 fine for each occurrence.
My question is, how can a state force someone not living under that states laws to comply? I presume they can tell the dealer they cannot ship to that state again, but I fail to see how one state can fine another person in another state, for not complying with that states laws.
I know nothing of law, so I do not understand the legalities of it.


Technically, every State has something like that in law already. I know PA wants their cut of any out of State sales that occur that are brought into the State. They typically go after big purchases like cars and such but it can become an issue for other things like a home built boat made from material bought in a neighboring State. A former co-worker ran into that when trying to register one of his boats. They wouldn’t register it without proof he paid the State taxes on the materials he bought.


Interesting… from what I am reading, any company that does $100, or 200 transactions a year in the state, will either have to charge the tax at the time of sale, or send notice to the state once a year, and then state will send the buyer a bill.
Found out it was on the books, just not enforced. New bill is suppose to start 2018, not sure if it will be retro back to 2017 or not. I need a couple more cases of Gold Dot and a couple more guns before then.