State of the full30 Kalash and Brass

Well I have some good news to release to y’all. I’ve been shooting my videos at a public range for a while now and it is run its course. Space and time enough to get out there and get some good photos plus dealing with all of the noise. I’ve enlisted a friend to help me find a new home to do some great videos and be able to shoot video without a absurd amount of noise in the background. So far I’m going to wait for 7 weeks to clear for everything to get done paperwork wise so I’ll keep you all a breast of any upcoming news on it.

So let’s bring these to my newest endeavor. Good friend Joe has came through and I’m now join a private range with a 400 yard maximum target range. They have pistol and a long-range so that I can do some great video for y’all and show you the accuracy and the potential of a well-built kalashnikov style rifle. Furthermore I’m going to be working on some special projects that to help facilitate them moving forward may be behind a pay wall. This is because it costs is only going up further. I will provide some overview contain or how it performed but the build videos for the special projects will be behind a dollar sign to help the show keep going on.

I want to keep this all free and not be beholden to any sponsors but I’ve run into this new obstacle that I have to adapt to. So I will still provide fun content for full 30, I won’t lock it behind a paywall that will take away from the heart and spirit of this channel. I will be bouncing between multiple platforms leaving little Clues and trying to develop this little section of mines into something bigger hopefully. I’m looking at uploading to YouTube but we’ll see how it turns out with their “guidelines” and how long I last on there.

Thank you for all who have followed me along on this journey and the forums and on the Kalash and brass channel.


That is exciting news!

btw, how much is the membership fee?


I haven’t made a final determination on that yet. I’m trying to look at it from a audient point of view. Something that won’t suck their pocket dry but also worth the squeeze. Pretty much I’m looking at a timetable that will make it worth the membership and consistent projects as well.