States reopening

Various states are removing the mask mandate and opening up. Good for them. Biden is furious and called them neanderthals in a move to bring folks together.

Fauci is in a quandary as to why his words aren’t being heeded. Could it be because he doesn’t know squat? When all this began over a year ago he stated that masks did nothing (correct) and that we wouldn’t need to wear them. Then correctly stated that wearing a mask and constantly readjusting them was worse than no mask. Then he went to “we all need to wear masks.”. Now he wants us to wear 2 masks.

Chrisi Noem (sp?) Gov’ of N’ Dakota (edit: that would be South D’) told Fauci where to put his suggestions. She told her state what was coming, what the recommendations were and allowed them to choose as a free people. Fauci stated that N’ Dakota would have 10 of thousands in their hospitals. At no time did they have more than 600 hospitalized. Like Sweden N’Dakota did common sense stuff and didn’t assume a dictatorial footing.

(Off the subject, but am I the only person who thinks she is very attractive?)

Recently she declared that Fauci is “wrong alot”. That’s an understatement. But Fauci still wants the lemmings, that would be us, to follow his guidance.

Where am I going with this? our governor in Maine, Moron Mills decimated our state economy with her blind following of mask wearing and dictating who could be open and who couldn’t. If you have a demoncrap gov’ in your state you know what I mean. What started all of this to spew out of me and post this was the news that the moron, that would be our governor, gave a speech where she is going to reopen the state and undo what the Wuflu did to it. No Mills, Covid didn’t do that to our state YOU DID! But of course she’ll never take the blame for destroying small businesses and favoring big business.

I sure hope others see what went on but I suspect most of the herd are completely blind.

OK, I’m stepping down off my rant crate now. Carry on.

Thank GOD that when I had it no one knew what it was. It’s a different subject, but I wonder how many people died because the hospitals didn’t know how to treat it early on? The media is complicit in that because they poo pooed treatments in the news. But again, that’s a different subject.


please you, not enough voices as is