Staying hydrated longer!


(upload://AwenBQm1b5ZKMFPhN7es3f6lTXd.jpg) Extend your water rations in a emergency situation, what do you guys think if it works as advertised it would definitely be worth adding to your SHTF bag.
In theory it turns one bottle of water into three bottles of water?


We need to try this. Are any of those type of products unsafe for pregnant women? I would bring it along to the cabin when we are on a vacation but need to know such things. I doubt these companies have any sort of testing for that but it doesn’t hurt to wonder. Gotta start thinking like this for the wife.


Mister_Torgue, I don’t know the answer to your question regarding pregnacy? Says doctor recommended and Kids Safe on the packaging probably wouldn’t hurt to run it by your doctor as a precaution.


Definitely. I had already planned on doing so. Thanks for the suggestion! We like to stay out in the middle of nowhere in cabins so this sort of product could be quite useful.


I’m not falling for it. There isn’t a magic way to make more water out of nothing. The best I can see it do is act as a salt/electrolyte replenishment to help retain the water you take in. But when your body needs water, it needs liquids to replace what you lost.


It is electrolytes (mineral salts) and vitamins, so not harmful to pregnant women. Probably actually would help later on in the pregnancy when the bloating gets bad.


@USMCMahon, here’s a little more information on how the product works

not supposed to replace water supposed to help your body absorb the water you’re taking in already, more effective rapid absorption into your bloodstream.


So what’s in the bag? Two more bottles worth of water? I’d have to check it out but unless they already carry this on the space station I figure somebody’s been staying up too late watching infomercials. Lol.


Shaklee Basic H as a Wetting is similiar, for plants

  • makes water 300X wetter
    Increases water penetration and absorption at root level




Save your money, buy some gatorade powder instead.


USMCMahon, My brother uses it for post workouts he also is telling me that it’s the ultimate hangover cure rehydrate you in under 20 minutes.


It’s like gatorade, or pedialite, or any type of BCAA mixture. I don’t doubt it’s effectiveness, but I don’t think it’s worth it. I can get 16 servings of the liquid IV for $25 or 60 servings of Optimum nutrition BCAA recovery for $25, or 36 Propel (made by Gatorade) packets for $11. Your call though.


USMCMahon, It contains three times the electrolytes of those products and far less sugar. The cost reflects the quality of the products ingredients it definitely cost more, not trying to hawk the product or say it’s good or bad wanted to pass it on to the Forum members is all.


^ That is the important bit I look for. If I do Gatorade I’ll do the G2 but the artificial chemical sweetener isn’t good for the body either.


FYI. In case anyone is interested.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier, Electrolyte Drink Mix (Lemon Lime, 6 Count)


But its got electrolytes ,its what plants crave.


BOOM!!! I was WAITING for this. Shit, took long enough!

Good stuff.


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