Staying warm/starting a fire thread


10 years ago on a solo deer hunt i almost froze my ass to death! the weather change drastically it was not in the weather forecast. I learned my lesson, now i bring all this and more when out in the woods/field.
I’m always interested in learning new Fire Starting techniques, if anybody has anything they’d like to share please do.


In my kit is a couple of lighters and cotton balls soaked in something flammable in a tin box.
Keep it simple.


I imagine all you need is a cheap zippo, box of matches, and some cotton swabbing packed into a pill bottle. My field craft is not as practiced as it could be though.


you are better off with steel wool…


Steel wool and a battery!


Steel wool and a 9volt for the win


This is a trick I learned in Boy Scouts:

  1. Get a cardboard egg carton and cut out the individual egg cups.
  2. Melt some parrafin wax on the stove using a water bath (like grandma melting chocolate).
  3. Dip the individual egg cups in the melted wax to coat them completely.
  4. Completely fill the wax-coated egg cups with sawdust, wood shavings, dryer lint, or anything similar.
  5. Pour more paraffin wax over the sawdust and completely saturate.

When it dries, you will have a waterproof fire starter that will easily light with a match or cigarette lighter. It will burn vigorously for more than 5 minutes.

Tip: When cutting out the egg cups, leave small “dog ear” tabs on the corners, which will act like a candle wick for easy lighting.


I used to do a similar thing for camping, but I’d use hamster bedding and I would mix it into the wax and then smush it into the egg cups.


with or with out the hamster?


Without, the hamster. Though, I have shot a hamster before. That’s a story for another day.


First one of the year it’s cold here tonight


Hey, if you need something, food, money, just ask ok?


I came here for discussion on firearms and firearms accessories. But all of a sudden this takes precedence.


I almost froze once, too. Good thing I was smart enough to pack a first base layer for hunting, lol. That thing saved my life back then. Most people are only obsessed with the gear but protection from heat/cold is very important, especially in the states with extreme temperatures.


This was a long time ago when my kids were little and I was a single mom. They just had to have these hamsters - two hamsters - one for each. According to the pet store, all they sell are females. NOT. So not too long after that, we have a very pregnant hamster and she is attacking the other one. He got moved to another cage. But when mom had all the babies, she went even more nuts and broke out of her cage. Now I had 14 hamsters running around. Some of them got caught by the dog. Some of them ended up drowned in the dog’s water dish. I rounded up mom and quite a few of the babies. I would still find one every once in a while. I ended up letting them go at a park. Months go by and I hear a scream from my daughters room and I go in there and she’s bleeding. This f-ing thing has been living in her toy box all this time and it bit her. Tried to get it out, but it was trying to bite me too. It ended up running under the bed in the far corner where I couldn’t reach it. So I got the pellet gun and shot it in the face. One shot laying prone with a pellet gun. Not bad, because I didn’t really shoot back then.

So that’s the story. A bit anti-climatic, right?


Id say no :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hands down best story I have read in a long time. :rofl::joy:.


EQuinn, I got the pellet gun and shot it in the face :astonished: All right :+1:damn rodents :-1:


MURDERER! SO…did you grill it or deep fry? Taste like chicken?:joy:


I chuck moonshine molotoves when I need a fire, Che Guevara’s book was part of the curriculum in 7th grade social studies.