Staying warm/starting a fire thread


Hey, hurt my kid, I shoot you in the face. Those are the rules. Live with it.


:sob::cry: Yes Boss! Please dont hurt me…


and that is why she carries a real gun now.
when hamsters attack…





That was every bit as fantastic as I hoped it would be!


Good luck to everybody in the affected area it’s going to get extremely cold

my local area forecast is calling for 50 to 55 degrees below zero wind chill readings that’s crazy cold!


How bout that global warming, huh?


Yeah right global warming :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Man, people are freezing right now



10 degrees and falling here :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:


opposite this?



62 and sunny nice :+1:


looks like someone needs a snowmobile :grin:




Its 50° here, pretty nice weather actually.


Welcome to my part of the world



You’re a cruel woman!


The next person that rubs our frozen noses into their Bright Beautiful warm sunny Paradise weather is getting swatted!
Legal disclaimer for Lone Wolf McQuade: the above comment is sarcasm and a joke. It is illegal to take the above quote any other way than a sarcasm or a joke. If you are a snowflake and feel that somehow this quote is advocating violence, you are foolishly mistaken. But feel free to flag anyways, it makes my day :slight_smile: