Staying warm/starting a fire thread


our miserable swap weather 10 months of the year sucks


Snowflake - pun intended




-21 and falling here. Headed toward -35.that is air temp folks. wind chills to -60 Through Thursday. :cold_face: I should have set up a grease / oil test.



Testing out the Wet Fire Tinder to see if I could get it lit in extreme Sub-Zero weather, worked like a charm, the Lightning Strike Firestarter with a pinch of (dryer lint and rabbit fur

mixed together) one Spark ignited the Wet Fire Tinder instantly!


How long did you need to keep the :rabbit2: in the dryer?


Not long about about 25-30 minutes on the high setting



and when do you decide if the rabbit should be dried by itself or with towels?


and, how long is too long before they become floppy?



So.Cal. may be bright and warm, but it’s about as far from beautiful or paradise as you can get.


Good point.


Speaking of staying warm, got one of these and a 40lb tank. That way, I can use the power from my generator for something else, if need be. Let’s just say I don’t live in Californistan.

Pretty sure that was just me they spotted:


Ive got a couple of those. Great even for natural gas hook up in case power goes out. Furnace wont run without electric, but these will! Disruption in natural gas line distribution, then propane tanks. Great for emergencies! Good post @Prepper10


@SteelPinger…showed tis to my wife. You wouldn’t believe how much lint she has from the lint trap on the dryer. She uses it to start fires in the firepit out back. shes in the kitchen pulling egg cartons out of the trash…….gotta love her




I know – you should hear my Fl family, neighbors and friends cry like little bitches about the cold.


Its crazy man, got down to like 60*


My gang up Odessa way saw mid 40’s
I could hear the the crying in NJ


aw man, we should probably send food and blankets


What are y’all bitchin’ about? It’s RAINING here!!! :scream: