Steering wheel vibration/shake - balancing?

Hi all,

So I have been putting off dealing with my car issue for a while, but lately due to the “stay at home” orders the freeways are empty and i am noticing the issue all the time.

The issue is that I believe one of my wheels/tires is not balanced, but I am not sure if it could be something else.

0 to about 68-70 - no issues
70+ - steering wheel (and at 80+ car) starts to vibrate/shake. Not as bad as a death wobble, but pretty bad. About 1/4" left/right motion of the steering wheel shake.

I took it into a tire place before but they said they don’t spin tires that fast, so I would have to find a place that does road force balance.

What say you?


don’t go faster than 70…

by the way take the wheel off and wash the inside of the rims and get rid of any mud or winter crap that has collected.
Also try swapping/rotating and if still there than it is more likely an alignment issue


Make and model?
How old are the tires?


If it is out of balance at 75-80 it will be out of balance at 35-40. Just not as obvious. Have them balanced.


Good call @srdiver and @Matt . I would do the following:

  1. Check wheel balance after cleaning the inner portion of the rim. Mud buildup is a possibility. I live on a dirt road and mud/ice buildup has caused similar issues with my Impala rims.

  2. Check wheel alignment

  3. Worn tires may cause vibration, especially with aggressive tread tires. This happened with BFG Mud Terrain tires on my old truck. It also happened with Super Swamper tires on a Jeep.

  4. If you still have the issue, check steering joints and ball joints. My Jeep had the shakes when the ball joints were getting loose.

Good luck.


pffft, Take a drive to E LA, park and go for a stroll

or spend some of those big CA bucks and buy a new one


If the rest of the freeway is going 80-85, I don’t want to be “that guy”.
The wheels are clean. And if I remember correctly I have noticed that after some rotations the wobble shifts to the rear (just remembered that thanks to your suggestion) That is why I believe it is a wheel/tire.
We don’t get much mud here in CA and…

… my 2014 Jeep GC has decent tires (swapped out originals for new ones in same brand about 2 years ago) and this is not a new issue.

That is what I figured, I just don’t feel any vibration under 65…
But yes, I will go get that done. Just to a place that does road force balancing, just in case.

That is what worries me if I am wrong about the balancing.

I would have to wait until the “stay at home” orders are lifted, otherwise there would be no change… :slight_smile:


Also, just remembered something else.

When I bought the car, I remember contacting the dealer because of a tire problem. It could have been the same issue, I just can’t remember, but I distinctly recall them saying something about tread separation and that my warranty doesn’t apply to tires (even though the car was brand new).

But that was in 2013-14 (the car is 2014, but I bought it in 13). And I don’t remember if I replaced one of the tires at that time or all 4.

But I do remember replacing all 4 not too long ago at Costco. And going with the same brand as the ones I had on it.

Again, reason I have not dealt with it is that I usually can’t go fast enough to notice it often enough to remember about it, and it is only now due to corona virus fears that whoever is on a freeway (including highway patrol) are flying…
So now it is an every day reminder.


Cheap SOB go buy some damn good tires!


May be as simple as checking your air pressure while they are cold. If they are off/uneven it will get worse as they heat up from driving.


The pressure is good. My wheels have sensors and I verify the readings whenever i adjust pressure. As a matter of fact the readout of the pressure is what i have my cluster set to display during driving.


Now I will have to go look at what they are. But I don’t recall them being cheap. The originals were quiet and soft, I liked the ride.


Personally, I only run BFG.
33x10.5x15 BFG AT KO2’s on the M1009.
And the same tire but smaller size on my Tahoe.
Never rotate them either.
They wear like iron on a 5,200 lb cucv and about 4,800 lb Tahoe.

Spend the money once.


Here are the exact tires I have on my Jeep.


But are they?

I can get a John Deere at Home Depot that I can’t get at a John Deere dealer

Get tires at a tire store, or the dealer, dealer items, wipers, tires etc are often the best you can get and many times not even more money


I am saying those ARE the tires I have on. Not sure if they are made specifically for Costco…


I have never had luck with cheap tires.
Michelin and Firestone have had significant issues in the past.

Goodyear, toyo, Falken, BFG. Are names I would trust.
BFG for me, but I have used those other brands and know folks that have.
I just don’t trust michelin.


Then BFG is what I will get next. That is what I used to run on my 2002 GC.


What I am worried about is that it is not the tire…


The Goodyear duratraks have been good for people.
The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is also good on a Dodge I know.
Just have one thing in common; all ain’t cheap.