Step Up or Shut Up!


The wave of anti firearm legislation has begun.
As expected these anti firearm bills have passed the House of Democraps.
So Step Up NOW and write your Senators to oppose these bills.
Both current and future bills that are sure to pass the House.
Your RIGHTS are on the line and the future of firearms in this country is as well.
There will be turncoat Republicans in the Senate that will vote for this nonsense and they must be put on notice we are watching.
There is NO room for compromise on this type legislation.
We must be united in this cause and there is no room for the passive or apathetic now.
Step Up or Shut Time has arrived!!


If you are not sure who represents you or where to send info, look here.


huh, if this is what a republican area feels like I’d hate to be in a democrat one



Rick Scott will fold if he gets pushed. That guy is a piece of shit. DeSantis probably seems like a godsend compared to that clown.


Ya think :wink:


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I wil trade you Kate Brown for DeSantis.


Give this up?

nah :sunglasses:


Yeah, I’ll save my time for something more useful-



Brawndo: Its got electrolytes


Send them the message. Something noone mentions here is that they are still politicians. If the majority of their constituents did not agree with their positions they would shift positions. None of them are doing anything their base didn’t approve of.


How ‘bout this? I think @jf89 will agree…
You can have Kate Brown and Gavin (Nuisance) Newsom for DeSantis? You get two governors and we’ll time share one.

Limited time offer. But if you act now i’ll include one up and coming Kamala (Hairyass) Harris and crusty old Diane (Flintstone) Feinstein. With free shipping.


You might as well offer manson and dahmer


I speak to my reps face to face a couple of times a year. I work for a family that is very political and Republican so they come in the plant .


Would not ever have to worry about a hunger crisis, under Dahmer.


Folks I see some useful replies and also a bunch of grab-ass nonsense.
But one thing needs to be perfectly clear here.
This is just starting and will be the biggest attack on your rights this country has ever seen.

I myself have witnessed people at my work discussing these recent legislative actions sent to the Senate.
And those folks are very ill informed as to what the laws really say.
Comments as “Well the background check seems like a good idea to keep guns away from criminals”.
At that point I have stepped in and told them what this really means to them and others. Not what the media spoon feeds to them. Some are responsive and some are not. But I guarantee that all were left with a look on their faces that perhaps they should look a little closer. And many were pissed off after they found out what the law really does.
It is up to us Educated people to Educate those we can.

So its time for the kids to go to bed and the Adults to get serious.


Talking,calling & writing has been the preferred (failed)method for decades to preserve our GOD given right. But look where we still are, the same fuc%ing place, having the same fuc%ing arguments!!! There is only one group of people that can eliminate the demolition of the 2nd amendment , US! Not the lying , 2 faced, bastard politicians, ONLY US!


This has been said alot, fact is the left has been at it alot longer and has a huge advantage here with the media and education systems propoganda … Best we can do is attend rallies, vote and as you said educate others. Problem is, we are losing ground so its not working that well. How can people step up anymore then that?

The next step is probably not through politics or diplomacy, unfortunately.


Just because we have a little fun here does not mean we don’t take this shit seriously.
I’ve been writing to my reps for years and we preach the gospel of liberty and small government to all who will listen and those who won’t.
But here in this forum we’re all pretty much on the same page. So allow us a little latitude for levity.