Still Learning Life Lessons After All These Years

I wasn’t sure I should post this or not. It’s quite embarrassing and I feel quite stupid. So before you all call me an idiot - yes I know I am an idiot. I am just posting this in case there are others in my situation in the future. Maybe they’ll think twice.

So we had some friends of ours come in from out of town the other day. These are people that are pro gun. We’ve been shooting together many times. They have guns themselves. He’s a hunter, too.

So we go to where they have their 5th Wheel while down here and we’re going to have dinner and play some cards, ya da ya da. Now about 8 PM is when I start getting the urge to take the gun off. I figure I’m with gun friendly, knowledgeable people, so I say, “Do you mind if I take this off and leave it on this table?”. “Not at all”, they say. So I take it off. Now, when I carry, I leave the safety off and one in the chamber - this is my SA 1911. But when I took it off and set it down, something told me to put the safety on, so I did. I took the whole holster off and set the whole thing down with the gun holstered.

Later on, we were talking and he brings out his pistol to show us, he drops the mag and is talking about how he doesn’t like the trigger, ya da ya da. Then, I have to go to the bathroom. I come back and we go back to playing cards.

Later on after we left, my husband tells me that while I was in the bathroom this friend takes my gun out of the the holster (without asking), and dropped the mag and starts playing with the trigger! The only thing that kept him from a negligent discharge was that safety! :flushed::flushed::flushed::woozy_face::woozy_face:

He quickly realized the safety was on, and was fiddling around to disengage it, when my husband told him to put it down. So thankfully nothing happened. And I guess it was good that he didn’t tell me till later. I would have lost my shit for sure. I’m still shaking at the thought of what could have happened. That was two nights ago.

So the lesson is to NEVER EVER take your gun off in mixed company! Even if you think they are reasonably safe gun owners and you trust them. You just never know what people will do.


A good lesson that ended well. As a rule, I never let my weapon out of my sight. It’s 100% under my control at all time. Thanks for sharing, it could save someones life.


Thanks for sharing.


Lot’s could have gone oh so wrong there but TG good fortune was smiling on all of you that day.


No, you’re NOT the idiot.

This stuff happens all the time. The gun juice starts to flow and peoples’ safety brain goes right out the window.

I used to tell my classes; While away from my firearms, what MIGHT someone else find? Whether the finder is a thief, child, or “gun guy” relative who will pull on the trigger before checking the chamber.

We all learn and are reminded from each other, and right now there’s 8 guys reading this and thinking about “that time” no-one was killed…


Thank you. But my gun, my responsibility. So the buck would stop with me if anything goes wrong. So that makes me the idiot. Maybe not the only idiot. But THE idiot in this case.


That is why even with my own guns the first thing I do is a mag check then a chamber check.


Teaching moment for all.


Thank you @EQuinn for posting this. It is a good reminder to us all.
Thank you.


Thank you @EQuinn, a lesson for all to learn from here.


The people I am around, would not do that. But, being a gun shop owner I have seen batshit crazy.
For the most part, my side arm never leaves my side or night stand. Just the way it is. But I can totally see this happening!
I am surprised they guy picked up your sidearm without permission. That’s scary… but hey, lesson learned. Thanks for sharing. This is probably why I have very few friends… hahhahhaaa


Thanks for sharing your experience.



Glad it turned out ok.

Any new rules for friends wanting to handle your firearms in your home?


If he’d asked, I would have unloaded it before he touched it. Point is nobody’s ever going to have that chance again.


Thanks for the post…a good reminder to always keep your firearm under your control.
I’ve also seen some crazy stupid stuff from people who are “gun” people. Especially on a range, or during training.


Wow… thanks for sharing that. That is definitely a good lesson to learn. Thank God there wasn’t a negligent discharge.