Stress Level - POLL 3

1st poll was on 3/22 and here we are, still not over :face_with_monocle:

My attitude is fluctuating, yesterday we went to Lowes and since the governor had instituted a everyone must be masked policy I didn’t know what to expect but was happy to see I’d say 40% of us non compilers remained

However, the next stop, a small country store we hoped would have hot and ready pizza was less impressive, I asked the cashier what was under the hot light, nothing was marked and all wrapped in foil, yeah, how someone can wear a maxipad over their face :mask: and stand behind a huge plexiglass wall and expect to communicate just bewilders me, being a bit hangry I was less than subtle with my expression

The same store had the prettiest little table display set up, little bows, and ribbons, and paper, like a Christmas Nativity set might look, except with hand sanitizer and other corona paraphernalia :exploding_head:

Anyhow, stress poll 3

  • :innocent: Love thy neighbor
  • :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Got my eye on you
  • :grimacing: Fearful
  • :tired_face: Tired
  • :belt_fed: Fuck off bitch
  • :rage: Getting pissed
  • :scream: Can’t take it
  • :sob: Broke down
  • :bomb: Getting close to going off
  • :exploding_head: Fucking lost my shit

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I’m stressed, but not cause of this virus crap. I gotta change a starter and all the battery cables on the truck and it won’t stop raining long enough. :laughing:


I’m just tired of it all. It’s like a Twilight Zone story where the same BS just keeps repeating over and over. But that’s because I only go out to the supermarket and the hospital. Thank GOD I live rurally. I don’t know how folks in the populated areas or in an apartment can handle it. I couldn’t.


Thank God we can still go to the range, the river, and the hardware store. The modified hours at work are putting us behinder each day. I know there are like minded folks here so that helps, Thank y’all for being so awesome!


Tell your commie govna to fuck off. Tellem its a crime to hide your pretty face.

Went to Safeway a few days ago. They had some nerd making a line for carts and was wiping each one down before he gave it to a person in line.
Door was open, I walked right in. The guy yelled at me to stop. He got the middle finger as I walked into the store.

In 92 when I left the army I told everyone since.

"Dont have to wear green, dont have to get my haircut every 2 weeks, and no one is shooting at me. There is NO stress in life now.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

Hero of the day!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A great visual appeared in my head when I read that. :+1:


Amen, Brother! I can still enjoy the outdoors without having to go anywhere. I couldn’t imagine living in a tiny studio apartment in New York City right now. Ugh!


My choice isn’t there, no stress just a lot of disappointment in my fellow citizens. I am astounded at how many just let others do the “thinking”, blindly follow the latest post on F book. This is really sorting out the people that understand what LIBERTY means…


You can say that again ( I took the liberty)


Yeah, getting tired of the nonsense. Had to run to Menards today because I ran out of Tapcons. Usually a five minute in and out. But no, not today. What a fiasco! I’ve never seen so many masked people out buying “essential items” like lawn chairs and seasonal flowers. If you’re that scared, stay home. You can live without a lawn chair.

I feel sorry for the staff there. You can tell they’re being forced to wear masks. Many have them down at their chin or have taken to wearing bandannas old school train robber style. :roll_eyes:

Topping it off they’ve done something to their trash cans out front. Looked like a block of wood had been screwed inside preventing the top from swinging inward. I thought for a moment… I should just throw my bag on the ground right there. But I’m not a litter bug, so I did the right thing and forced it open just enough to forcefully shoved my Arby’s bag in. If you don’t want to let people throw trash away, take your F’ing cans in! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


mmmm, you’re attempting to apply common sense and logic again… tisk tisk


I would say here the majority are not wearing masks as I have seen when I go to town. The new saying seems to be “stay safe”. Even at work no one seems to concerned, only that they want it to end. Did some limb trimming clean up today, wife worked in her garden, then added to my list of “I need this fixed”. Chickens out in the yard chasing beetles and what ever else has emerged. Seemed like a normal day for us. I hear the other neighbors running chainsaws, was a bluebird day here after being rainy Saturday.


Re: CV19… I had an illness mid February that I couldn’t identify and before CV19 was “a thing”. It was like nothing I’d EVER(!) had before. But the CDC came out with new symptoms on Sunday that fit what I had. We’re thinking I had CV19 back then. When I go to the hospital this week I’ll ask about it. FWIW, it laid me low for 2 weeks, but I’m at high risk for death due to age and heart disease and I came nowhere near death, but I did notice that my blood O2 level was 92% and I’m normally much higher than that. I was monitoring it and if it got much lower than that I was going to make some calls.

I never took my temp’ because we have a 50 year old mercury thermometer and my shivering was so violent that I was concerned that I would break it. I would cover up with blankets and shiver violently for an hour or so until my body was satisfied, then it would stop for a time.

But if I had CV19 the wife never got it. Not very contagious whatever it was. Understand this is all ifs and nothing definite at this point. So don’t make life decisions based on what I’ve written here.

There were other symptoms that I’m just not going into, but coughing wasn’t one of them and I would have expected that. In fact that’s why I never suspected CV19 at first.


This is something I hear over and over, and with varying symptoms

I’d get familiar with this

Theres a lot of info suggesting this is made made, a hybrid designer chimera between two pre-existing viruses

What that means is it mutates and reinfects with different symptoms,

she may well have been infected but less severely, and you may very likely see a reemergence yourself, keep in shape, make ready for more.


I don’t bother with a mask.
Hiding behind a plexiglass shield doesn’t make much sense, either.
Imaging all the germs on it.
I rely on cleaning everything that comes into the house, wherever it came from.
Strong mix of bleach and water in a spray bottle should do it.


These are much simpler, same effect

Someone needs to tell Trump so he can tweet it


January: “ no one is dying”
February: “everyone is going to die!”
March: “lot’s of us will die!”
April: “lot’s of us had it and we could have died!”

I have said it before and I will reiterate, this is all B.S.
All I worry about is stupid people thinking it’s real, or let me say it this way it is not as serious as the common flu, and in turn doing stupid shit.


Besides for wearing gloves and a mask out in public… life has not changed for me. At least there will be less fecal matter on the gas pump handles for a while… hahhahahaa


Then you’ve got a LOT to worry about