Stripping and refinishing AK74 furniture


I live that look as well
I just always wanted a border guard set and though it be fun to attempt a set


Got a lil time to sit down and work today
Being that this isn’t a actual dye and is a fabric paint I decided to mix some poly into the paint to thin it out and make it a bit easier to apply

Before staining makes sure your piece is free of dust or anything else on it I generally use a tac cloth for this

First coat is applied and drying
I’m going to let this dry overnight and see how well it penetrates and I’ll most likely buff it in the morning with 0000 stell wool


That is a great look for a firearm. Got any pics?


So is this going to be A ‘Mountain Dew’ or ‘Monster’ edition AK?


Its a attempt I’ve never done green before it’s always red or a deep brown or plumb


Its interesting, are you keeping the rest of the rifle black? Definitely thinking outside the box. :+1:


Yes all the rest is black


Basically this look


That actually looks pretty sharp. I can tell by the bright extravagant colors that us AR15 guys are rubbing off on you. :+1: :laughing:


These rifles were given to retiring Russian border guards above a certain rank
There actually pretty rare




I love that, if I ever get another AK then im doing that to it.


What exactly are they called? I might google that it sounds pretty neat.
I thought maybe the pretty gamer ARs and the nerf gun look alikes were influencing you.




A little progress today one coat of color
Having never worked with a paint like this before I’m taking my time with this project


I think stain would be better. Dye the wood, finish clear. That will give it that translucency

Have you seen this?

And I was thinking that if the wood was bleached first you would get better color. Wood bleach obviously, not just regular bleach. But I have seen dudes bleach with regular bleach… I personally think that destroys wood.


It does
The soaking method works well
The old lady ordered the wrong product for me
But I wanted to at least try this and see how it worked for this application




Well got a bit of time today to work on my side project
After distressing the color with steel wool and feeling like I got the the right tint I was looking for I decided to seal this with poly (it’s what I had in hand )
I added 2 thin coats of poly to see what kind of finished look I’d have
I’m thinking after 8 or 9 coats I’m going to wet sand and buff it for a nice shine


Doesn’t even look real, have to see it assembled