Stripping and refinishing AK74 furniture


Im digging that color


It’s coming lol


A better picture of grain


Looking good!


Looks unique for sure.
This was still the top coat green stuff, right?


This was a light coat of poly just to check the finished color
Going to wet sand and buff as well once there’s enough coats of poly


After working with this material I should have soaked this one


You got me thinking of doing a Mosin stock in green. I got a perfectly uglified stock to try it on.

It is the one I molested by trying to build in a cheek weld.


@Mosinvirus that would be pretty interesting
Make sure you order the right dye lol


Will do.


Ordered the same dye that the guy had in the video. Once I am done with my Fugly mosin stock I can send you the rest of dye.


Your too kind
I have about 5 coats of poly right now
Pictures don’t do it justice


That’s the stain color for sure


Bit of a update
The poly coats are beiginnkng to wind down
Today I will most likely wet sand them so it’s all even using a wet 200 grit sandpaper then I will air dry for the rest of the day
Then begin to buff the poly with flitz or Mother’s I haven’t decided yet
This is a preview as I checked for fitment this morning


Looking great!


Looks great…for an AK :laughing:


I like it too. Very unusual.

On a side note, I am getting my mosin stock ready for a green treatment. Thanks for the idea.


It’s good to return the favor
You’ve inspired me with 1911’s


It’s ok but it was not the right product
I attempted to finish it out just for shits and giggles and for the thread sake
I have a feeling @Mosinvirus project is going to be real njce
I appreciate the compliment


We shall see. I had mine done up in TruOil and CitriStrip didnt remove all of it. Kind of surprised. It is being de-oiled right now. I will check how it is going tonight.