Stripping and refinishing AK74 furniture


Well it’s all finished up this morning before work


Turned out beautiful!


Yep, pretty damn nice :+1:




Very nice! I love that color!


Thank you


Giantspeed, the stock turned out really nice! excellent job👍


I gotta be honest Giantspeed that furniture is really starting to grow on me.


Thanks folks


Thanks to @Giantspeed I have begun trying to Hulk out my Mosin Stock.

Should have spent more time de-oiling, but since this is kind of a throw away I decided to just move forward.

Removing oil from some of the worst spots

My Uglified stock is now as clean as I am willing to take it, and mixed up the dye

After first application of dye

Second application of dye in process

After second application (there will be a third)


@Mosinvirus that’s looking really good
How do you plan to finish it


looks great, Giantspeed.

I wonder if the anti-gunners would be less afraid of it due to its lovely green color. Probably!


Thanks John
And I doubt it lmao
The history behind this color is what made me want to have a set and not pay out the nose for it


I think all I have is TruOil laying around somewhere. That will add a tiny little bit of yellow with each coat, very little though.

Send me a PM with your address so I can send you the dyes. I used very little so you will have plenty to play with.



Well, a man can dream, can’t he?

Besides, it has been shown numerous times that guns of certain colors scare the poor liberals more than in other colors. That is why, for example, that Charter Arms started selling some of their revolvers in non-traditional colors.

Either way, looks nice, and very distinctive. Thanks for sharing pictures of it with us.


Ofcourse it’s the first time I’ve ever done a how to thread on a forum
I’ve given advice and a bit of instruction to folks
Igor actually inspired me to give back a little bit
I’ve learned so much from watching his videos
Over and over again
I thought I’d at least try to contribute a bit to the site and folks here
I guess my hope was that you don’t always have to go to a gunsmith for everything


Thank you for your thread. I personally can say that I found it inspirational (obviously) and easy to follow.

I completely agree that showing people that some things can be done by ourselves is a worthy act. Some will be encouraged to try, others that may have been on the fence will make a decision not to. In either case threads like this help.

You should share more of these.


Here is my Mosin Stock after 3 coats of TruOil. Each previous coat was steel wooled down to prevent excessive build up and even out the pores/grain.

The stock appears to have the correct bluish tones for emerald green, though I can’t be sure.




Wow that came out beautiful
I like the depth of color