Stripping and refinishing AK74 furniture


Good job Brother!!


Damn nice!


Thank you sir.

You should try out those dyes when you get them. Pretty good stuff.
What I would do differently if I were to do this again, I would mix Isopropyl alcohol with Acetone to increase the penetrative properties of the solution. Probably go half and half.

Also, a part of me wanted to experiment with dyeing the varnish, but I just wanted to get this one finished and move on (don’t have enough time still).

If you find time to do another stock using the dyes, please post here so we can see.
Thank you for the inspiration.


I’m definitely going to do another set
Thank you for the gift
I’m going to experiment a bit with them


Thank you Robert

Appreciated. I will put the rifle back together with this stock and take some pics tomorrow AM.

Thank you. A part of me now wants to make green leather lens covers for the scope and a leather sleeve for the “tumor” on the butt.


I used only about 1/16th of a teaspoon of blue and half that of yellow, so you should have plenty there. And the other colors look promising too.

I think a Black dyed AK stock with a slight hint of blue or red would kick butt.


Yeah I’m gonna have to lurk around some market places and find some sets that are cheap and need some love
I’ve always stayed within the traditional colors that were produced but I’d like to experiment with some different schemes


Wow, that’s gorgeous!!!


Thank you. Those dyes are pretty awesome.


Last pics from me for this one.




Oh damn that’s sexy




Thanks. Wouldn’t have happened without @Giantspeed.


I just saw this ptr that Atlantic has in his collection


You may just start a new trend. Or resurrect an old one.


A little update @Mosinvirus was kind enough to send me the dye powders that he used on his mosin refinishing project and I did some experimenting with hues and colors I have a few sets of furniture sitting around now so I’ll be working on some of them as time permits
I did complete a set over the past few days so I though I’d share this set is plum


I think that looks excellent. Very unique.


And pretty!


Very cool!

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