Stupidity of gun laws


a Barrett 82A1 is a prohibited weapon but I can own a PTRS as if it was just another long gun

only about C$5000


The laws are stupid. Right after my brother and I both bought our .50bmg uppers the ATF restricted the sale of them. Now they must have a serial number and pass through an FFL like a firearm, even though they’re just an upper. Safe harbor isn’t making them, I believe because they don’t have a manufacturing license for firearms. But McCutchen firearms is still selling them.


I can order a fully functional Mountain Howitzer full-scale replica, and the only paperwork is a release form that the company requires a signature on, stating that you understand that playing with artillery is dangerous and must be done in a safe manner. You don’t get into a requirement for government paperwork, until you decide you want explosive shells for your howitzer.


Do want. :ammo:


Dixie Gun Works has the barrel for around $1600. You’d have to build a carriage for it.

I guess that could be considered an 80% artillery project.


and here is another one that I can buy - just another long rifle