Stupidity of the Masses


blowed up


Yep, saw this post right after he made it. He’s an idiot, check out his twitter time line.


LOL, Awesome post!



I agree, no citizens need 1 of these! I believe you need several! Different calibers, spare parts etc


Lets take away all the video equipment from the liberal press!

take it away
take it away
take it away


Honestly anyone of child producing age who believes this shit should be sterilized immediately.

Perhaps too harsh?


LOL, guessing you didn’t see it all blowed up


What is it? (Newbie, I don’t know that much about rifles)


I did…


A camera/equipment


It’s camera equipment.




:rofl::rofl::rofl: com on, its much funnier than that


So was he serious or is he making fun of snowflakes?


If you look closely at the image it is in fact camera gear. (Lenes, tripod, cable release, etc) laid out to resemble a rifle.

It is a bit of well done satire.


Was it satire?


Well looking closer I see who did it so maybe not. But a clever picture to be sure.


Exactly. I honestly think they are trying to fool dumb people.


IDK the OP’s intent, I’d say he wants a gun, hence playing with his camera like that,
but its more popolar with his friends to say mean bigoted things :frowning_face: