Subcompact DA/SA

Hey guys,

I carry a CZ P-01 every day. However, when weather gets warm (Ohio, all 4 seasons) I switch to a S&W Bodyguard 38 Special 5 shot.

The P-01 is amazing. I carried and shot a G19 for 3 years before switching and I immediately could shoot the P-01 just as well - and now even better.

I’d like to carry a smaller DA/SA decocker auto in the summer, because my 155/5’10" frame prevents me hiding the P-01 under a t-shirt in appendix.

What do y’all suggest? CZ RAMI BD, SIG P224, PX4 SC…? Please let me know if you’ve owned any of these and what your individual experience was.


Pic for size comparison to my frame. Obviously the grip needs to be shorter to hide the gun under a t-shirt. Under a coat, the P-01 hides well.

I’m a BIG fan of CZ’s(hence the screen name). If you like the CZ ergo’s, and you obviously already know the manual of arms, go with the Rami BD. I kind of wish I never sold m non de-cocker version. They’re reliable to a fault just as their big brothers.

I’m 5’9 158lbs. I carry one of three due to my size and the size of the firearm. A CZ RAMI, Sig P250 & HK P30Sk